SEMA Show, Nov 5, 2014

One of the greatest automotive extravaganzas takes place annually in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The 2014 rendition of the SEMA Show was just as outrageous as ever.  Bolt-on fender extensions seem to be quite popular on all kinds of late model sports and exotics this year.  I can understand it for competition cars where contact damage can be quickly repaired, and maybe the rest are just happy to look like a competition car(?).  But, I don’t think I could go drill a couple dozen holes in my new Lamborghini and screw on some plastic fender flairs.  Whatever.  On this and the attached pages, are a total of about 500 photos, and this is just a sampling of what was there.  The problem is that if you spend a little time at interesting booths or displays, it then becomes nearly impossible to cover the whole show (between the numerous exhibition halls and outside displays) in the time available.  The Optima Batteries OUSCI display area (outside) was one of my weaknesses.

Each page holds about 100 images.  Here are links to part-2, part-3, part-4, and part-5.

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Here are links to part-2, part-3, part-4, and part-5.