OUSCI 2013: Sights and Sounds

In addition to the 150 still images, here are a few video clips that convey what the OUSCI 2013 final event was like.

Note: Background music supplied by the “V6’s, V8’s, V10’s, Flat 6’s, and Turbo 4’s”.

We Love the Smell of Race Gas in the Morning

Start of Road Course Warm-up Laps

An Autocross Medley

Autocrossing Pantera

Cross-over (180 degree) exhaust headers give this Pantera a unique sound.

A Mid-engine Mustang; plus a Camaro does Messy Slide Through the Stop-box

OUSCI 2013 Overall Winner Brian Hobaugh with his 1965 Corvette

A GTR “oops” moment; Mark Stielow trying hard; Brian Hobaugh Winning the Speed-Stop Challenge

Mike Ryan does a few Exhibition Laps

An amazing diesel truck with over 1600 horsepower!