SEMA Show, November 6, 2013

For the last couple of years I’ve consider skipping the SEMA Show, thinking there’s nothing really new out there, and I couldn’t afford to take the time away from work.  But when I think about what will be taking place so close to where I live, I just can’t resist being immersed in the wide variety of over-the-top customs, personalized exotics, and the country’s finest pro-touring corner-carvers, not to mention seeing what’s new in the industry and keeping an eye out for new business opportunities.  As usual, the 2013 SEMA Show was simply mesmerizing! 

Trends this year?  Well, there seemed to be fewer rat rods and also not as many 5th gen Camaros in booth displays.  Last Year’s proliferation of Camaros was replaced with a nice selection of new Corvettes.  Also, there were quite a few Lamborghinis on display, relative to how many you see on the street at least, both Gallardos and Aventadors.

About those new (C7) Corvettes that were scattered around the show- as good a value and fast as these C7’s may be, I still feel a bit nauseous when I look at what they did to the car’s tail end.   The tail lights are just wrong and those 4 center mounted exhaust trumpets are anything but classy.  Much better (IMO) would have been 2 side-by-side rectangular outlets done in brushed stainless or titanium.   I did see a tweaked C7 in the GM booth with a low custom rear wing/spoiler that seemed to improve the rear end looks significantly.

When something particularly unique, interesting, or just plain cool caught my eye, I tried to capture it from multiple angles.  This is why you will see several pictures of some cars and just one shot of others.

I uploaded about 700 images (in 6 groups) from the 2013 SEMA show, so try not to miss any. Use these links to jump to Group-2, Group-3, Group-4, Group-5, and Group-6.

Use these links to jump to Group-2Group-3Group-4Group-5, and Group-6.