Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational – Nov 5, 2011

Held on the Saturday immediately after the Las Vegas SEMA Show, this is the fourth OUSCI event held at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch in Pahrump, Nevada. Unusually cold temps arrived on the last day of the SEMA Show, and some OUSCI participants braved snowy conditions while driving over the mountains to Pahrump, while most others took the longer, low-elevation route. 

This year, Danny Popp drove his white Z06 Corvette to the top of the field in both the auto-cross and the road course, but he suffered from a faulty brake master cylinder just before his turn to run the Speed-Stop Challenge part of the competition.  Fellow competitor Peter Callaway graciously lent Danny the master cylinder off his Corvette so that Danny could complete his last event.  Danny’s final point total was essentially tied with last year’s winner, Mark Stielow, and his ZR-1 powered ’69 Camaro.  With the faster track lap time being the tiebreaker, Danny was awarded the first-place trophy.  This is Part 1 of the OUSCI image gallery.  Jump to Part-2.

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This is Part-1 of the OUSCI image gallery.  Jump to Part-2.